Shimano a brand that needs no introduction is a well-known manufacturer of fishing equipment with a dedication to satisfying customers worldwide. The stradic FK Spinning Reel an update from their younger brother now comes with a more power packed feature while retaining all of the older Stradic line. Featuring the new Hagane Body improving strength and power whilst cranking all in one lean body. Shimano has also decided that for the Stradic FK 2016 edition they add an additional SA-RB bearing at a higher ratio so reeling in will be a lot more effortless. I have to say that this power packed reel will become the main workhorse of your equipment as they are designed to last with the Core protect parts and newer body.

Highly developed yet user-friendly spinning reel 

Technical elements of this successful spinning reel are the AR-C Spool, One Piece Ball and AERO Wrap II Oscillation.  Experts in the fishing equipment focus on this spinning reel from top to bottom. The waterproof drag feature of this affordable spinning reel gives confidence to fishers buy it online.  The core concept in this fishing equipment has the best stuff to prevent corrosion for a long time.   Users of the Shimano Stradic FK can get the maximum help in casting with the help of the AERO Wrap II which lets the line to spool better preventing loss of energy when casting.


X-ship technology

The X-ship design of this equipment is to reduce spool wobble. This design also gives the most powerful yet smooth fishing experiences to every user. The X-ship system provides up to 20% more power by using a large diameter drive gear which also eliminates pinion gear twist when reeling in.

Marketed by Shimano as being a concept for a tougher and more efficient fishing reel, it has proven that the money spent on this research has proven to be well paid off for all anglers. Research with toughest in mind it claims to be able to withstand abuse and etc. But lets look at the technology behind the claims, The Hagane gear is built with by cold forging a 3d design of the gear eliminating any cutting thereby make a one strong piece gear that ensures consistency and reliability. The Hagene Body which is similar to that of the gear employs a high strength metal to create a body that is stiff and impact resistance all in a small package.


Description Gear Ration Bearings Drag Power (kg) Mono Capacity (kg/m) Braid Capacity (kg/m) Weight (g)
Stradic 1000FK 6.0:1 6+1 3 1/250 10/95 195
Stradic 2500FK 6.0:1 6+1 9 3/180 10/150 235
Stradic Compact 3000FK 6.0:1 6+1 9 4/150 10/200 230
Stradic 4000XGFK 6.2:1 6+1 11 6/160 15/280 280


Overall, this feature pack reel is a must have as for every angler from beginners to professionals. Stradic FK is one of the most advanced yet user-friendly spinning reel from this reputable company. Through my years of fishing, I personally have had good and bad experience with Shimano reels, however this reel has proven to be a workhorse for my daily fishing activities. Not only its reliable but its build strong.